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The X3 has proven itself as one of the most stable and versatile inshore/offshore fishing boats in the industry today. It’s distinctive multi-hull design eats heavy chop yet is extremely maneuverable in shallow water. The oversized center tunnel and aggressive strakes leading under the hull generates incredible lift. The X3 never fails to amaze… you just have to see it to believe.

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"X"tremely stable design.

The X3’s one of a kind multi-hulled tunnel trimaran hull configuration creates an extremely stable platform like no other in it’s class.

Performance that defies logic.

The X3 can jump up in extreme shallow water conditions yet still deliver you comfortably across wind-blown bays.

Massive storage throughout.

You’ll never run out of storage space with the X3 with oversized Lockable Rod Storage, 3 Insulated Fish Boxes, Front Anchor Locker, and 3 Recirculating Live-wells.

  • 2500lbsdry weight
  • 5" Drafton plane
  • 9.5" Draftat rest
  • 12" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 80galfuel capacity
  • 350hprecommended HP
  • 8 Personmaximum capacity
  • 3200lbsdry weight
  • 7" Drafton plane
  • 14" Draftat rest
  • 24" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 160galfuel capacity
  • 500hprecommended HP
  • 10 Personmaximum capacity
  • 4500lbsdry weight
  • 12" Drafton plane
  • 17" Draftat rest
  • 24" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 240galfuel capacity
  • 600hprecommended HP
  • 10 Personmaximum capacity

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Start building your X3