Mod V

Mod V

The Crossover


The newly re-designed Mod V features a smooth running Modified Deep V hull that converts to a tunnel at mid-ship. The reverse chines at the bow, eliminate the unwanted side spray of conventional V hulls while channeling the water up and under the boat to maximize lift. The Mod V has higher sides and is the perfect crossover boat for your whole family to enjoy in deeper open waters, yet still capable of unrivaled shallow water performance for a V hull.

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Smooth running V hull

For those of you looking for a boat that can do offshore, rough water, and shallow, this is the boat for you and your family!

Shallow Sport's DNA

In every way this boat performs like a traditional V hull, yet can run almost as shallow as our other designs with the added advantage of a tunnel!

Family, Fishing, Fun!

The high gunwales offer security for your little ones, and the deep V bow entry cuts through bigger waves, while also providing a sharper turning radius. This is the perfect all around boat for your whole family to enjoy.

Mod V
  • 1600lbsdry weight
  • 6" Drafton plane
  • 10.5" Draftat rest
  • 12" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 65galfuel capacity
  • 250hprecommended HP
  • 8 Personmaximum capacity

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Start building your Mod V