The Shallow Sport family has been building boats for over 3 generations. Willis Isaac Hudson was a pioneer in the industry and produced one of the first fiberglass moulded motorboats in 1942.  His legacy continued through his son, Willis “Rex” Hudson, when he designed and built the very first Shallow Sport Boat in 1982. The idea was simple. Make a great fishing boat that can run, drift, and take-off in extremely shallow water.   But here’s the catch… it also had to run smooth, dry, and track across open water chop. This quest gave birth to what we know today as the quadahedral full-tunnel hull – the hallmark of Shallow Sport Boats. Today, Weslee “Wes” Hudson, carries the Shallow Sport torch, and like his father and grandfather before him, he continues innovate new boat designs and constantly strives to perfects new ways to make boats safer, longer lasting, and more efficient. In 2013 Wes introduced the all new X3.  It’s unique Tri-Hull design revolutionized the industry and has proven itself to be a true Game Changer! Three generations of boat building have produced a highly evolved line of fishing vessels that set themselves apart from the competition. Today, Shallow Sport Boats are regarded as some of the best fishing boats on the market.


Willis Isaac Hudson molds the first known fiberglass motorboat. (Founded Falcon Boats)


Willis "Rex" Hudson designs and builds first Shallow Sport Boat (Featuring inset transom and first full length tunnel)


Weslee "Wes" Hudson designs and builds the X3 - The first multi-purpose flats/bay/offshore boat.