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When you are ready to push the limits of what it means to fish shallow, look no further than the Classic. Available in two sizes, 24’ and 20’, the sportier flush deck sits on our time tested Quadrahedral tunnel hull and boasts unparalleled stability and efficiency. Sophisticated yet simple, this fishing machine makes for the ultimate family fun boat.

If you have never seen a boat “without sides”, the Classic line of boats by Shallow Sport may be a shock at first sight. This time tested hull with it’s flush deck has exceeded all safety expectations since it’s inception over 35 years ago. It has surpassed all of the U.S. Coast Guard’s tip test studies and was deemed one of the most stable boats they have ever tested. The Classic line has stability much like that of a floating dock and performance like a race car. Families love the flush deck for easy boating of fish and trips to the beach. If your goal is light weight, shallow draft, easy maintenance & large payload, this is your boat.

The with the combination of todays finest outboard motor brands, our inset transom helps float more horsepower without sacrificing draft. The bottom line is you get maximum amenities with unparalleled shallow water performance. Shallow, dry, safe, stable, smooth, and high resale value are standard with every model.

Once you and your family learn the capabilities of the Classic, you won’t ever own another boat “with sides” again!

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Fish the shallowest areas

With a 3" to 4" draft, the Classic is designed to get you in and out of some of the best hidden places other boats can’t get. The Quadrahedral double tunnel hull offers one of the most versatile designs to get you in skinny water and cross choppy bays with ease.

Keeps you high and dry

The Classic's unique Quadrahedral tunnel hull directs water under the boat into the full tunnel for greater lift while minimizing unwanted spray off of the sides.

Incredibly stable design

Our time-tested stringer systems are foam filled to ensure strength and flotation. The Classic's stable design provides you and your family years of fun on the water with a safe and un-sinkable boat.

  • 1200lbsdry weight
  • 4" Drafton plane
  • 8" Draftat rest
  • 8"-10" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 45galfuel capacity
  • 250hprecommended HP
  • 8 Personmaximum capacity
  • 850lbsdry weight
  • 3" Drafton plane
  • 6" Draftat rest
  • 8" Hole Shotapprox.
  • 45galfuel capacity
  • 150hprecommended HP
  • 6 Personmaximum capacity

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Build and price a custom Shallow Sport boat with any option, color, and motor you want and send to your Shallow Sport dealer for exclusive discounts and offers.

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Start building your Classic