Go Shallow

Nothing gets you closer to the fish than a Shallow Sport Boat. All of our designs will get you in and out of the shallow water where large game fish ambush bait. Your Shallow Sport will take off easily in the shallows and get you home safely.

Stay Dry

Shallow Sport’s hull designs are engineered to run high and dry. The channels built into the hull direct the water under the boat, through the tunnel and towards the prop instead of spraying out of the sides like most conventional boats.

Smooth Ride

Shallow Sport revolutionized the industry in the 80’s with our Quadrahedral tunnel design. The forward center V cuts through chop while a series of curved chines direct the water flow to provide a nice smooth ride. Our hull doesn’t pound or slide like most other flat bottom designs.

High Resale Value

With three decades of boats still on the water, Shallow Sport Boats have earned the reputation as the best of the best. The quality craftsmanship, techniques, and materials we have always used have proven these boats can stand the test of time, and because of that, Shallow Sports maintain their resale value better than any other comparable brand.