The X3 line offers a completely unique line of vessels that was born from six decades of trial and error research. When legendary boat designer and builder Willis Hudson first finished the design on paper, he proclaimed “This boat will change everything!” Combined with the ingenious design of the multi hulled bottom and the smart and refined layout of the cockpit, you will not find a better built fishing boat on the water today. The X3 can and will jump up in extreme shallow water conditions yet still deliver you comfortably across wind-blown bays. The diversity and fish ability of this boat in any weather condition will certainly amaze you and will add more days on the water for you and your family. The X3 will make any bad weather day a good fishing day!

25′ X3

Legendary Performance

The multi-hull configuration eats heavy chop and has the shallow water capabilities that you have to see to believe. The first thing you notice about the X3 is the three sharp V’s that have aggressive lifting strakes leading under the hulls. These strakes direct water underneath the hull which generates a great amount of thrust that lifts the entire boat out of the water while underway. The result is extreme shallow water maneuverability while on plane or idling. We engineered the inside of the X3 to last and perform. We utilize a complex ¬†and reinforced stringer system which has closed foam chambers for positive floatation. The boat is built with the most advanced composites available making it extremely strong and light weight.


27′ X3

Ultimate Multi-Hull Inshore and Offshore Boat

The 27′ X3 with dual tunnels is the big brother of the hugely popular and versatile 25′ X3. Many other upgrades makes this the perfect boat for the offshore enthusiast such as higher gunnels with flush mounted rod holders for trolling, a deeper bow, a large walk-in console with room for a larger T-top. The 27’X3 comes standard with a wide and sturdy, lean post/tackle station with built in live well. Our exclusive X3 design also allows this vessel to go places no other boat of its size can. The 27′ X3 will run across 8″ flats with ease and set down and hole shot easily in 16″-18″ of water. This boat seats up to 9 comfortably and will run through chop incredibly smooth and steady, making it one of the most versatile on the water today.