The shallow sport story
The Shallow Sport family has been building boats for over 60 years. Shallow Sport Boats are high quality fiberglass fishing boats specifically designed to run, idle and fish in ultra-shallow lakes and bays. At the same time, the intricate hull designs break up rougher water to allow for an unbelievably comfortable, smooth abd dry ride.
Three generations of boat building expertise have produced a highly evolved line of fishing vessels that set the standards in the industry to which all other competitirs aspire. With 11 different models ranging from 15 to 27 feet long, anyone can find their perfect boat.
In 1951, Willis Hudson molds the first known fiberglass motorboat & founds Glass Jet Boats. In 1958 Willis & two partners form Hurricane Boats. In 1960, Willis forms Falcon Boats - all in Houston, TX.
In 1978, Willis Hudson opens WW Marine & introduces Shallow Sport. In 1982, Willis & son Rex design & build the first Shallow sport boat - the 18’ Classic. In 1983, Rex Hudson forms Shallow Sport Boats, Inc. and in 1984 the 15’ Classic model is introduced.
In 1985, Shallow Sport is featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine. In 1988, the 20’ Sport model is introduced followed by the 21’ Modified V “Super Sport” model in 1989.
In 1994, the 21’ Sport model is introduced followed by the Latitude 27’ single tunnel tri-hull model in 1998.
In 2002, the first 100% composite boat - the 20’ Classic model - is introduced. In 2003, the Latitude 27’ double tunnel twin outboard model is introduced and the Annual Owner’s Fishing Tournament is revived. In 2004, the 21’ Modified V is redesigned and relaunched & all boats become fully composite.
In 2006, the 24’ Modified V model is introduced. In 2007, Shallow Sport starts packing fully rigged boats with various outboard brands. The 18’ Classic model is also redesigned & relaunched in 2007. In 2008, the economical Bahia Line in the 18’ - 21’ range is introduced followed by updates to the 15’ Classic model in 2009 giving it the new double tunnel design.
In 2010, the 24’ Sport is introduced followed by the 24’ Classic model in 2011. During 2011 & 2012, Shallow Sport opens up their own aluminum & vinyl fabrication shops. The 25’ X3 is debuted in 2013. In 2015, the 18’ Classic, 20’ Classic & 21’ Modified V all get updated top decks and the Annual Shallow Sport Scholarship Fund is created.