The Sport line utilizes our original quadrahedral double tunnel design and 12” gunwales, making these boats the best all-around fishing platforms on the water. Enhanced stability allows for lower sides, which improves your access to netting and releasing big fish. The Shallow Sport can run across the shallowest of flats, but can also handle 2 to 3 foot waves. Join the thousands of families already enjoying time on the water in their safe and dry Shallow Sport Boat.


Lifetime Family Fishing Boat

The 18′ Sport is a flats boat with lots of fishing room and storage for its size. It runs great with a 90hp our up to a 115hp outboard engine. The hull drifts like a dream and also poles amazingly well on the flats. you can run ultra skinny, but still handle the rough open water with ease. The cockpit is an all one piece molded self-bailing composite deck with 9″ gunwales and neatly finished with non-skid. This model is the choice of many professional fishing guides since it offers plenty of space for three to four people to fish and move around the boat comfortably. This sporty hull is the perfect all around weekend boat for you and friends to explore the backcountry.



Superior Composite Construction

Shallow Sport’s original quadrahedral double tunnel design allows you to fish a larger rig without losing your ability to “hole-shot” and run in the shallow flats. The 21′ Sport layout is similar to the 18′ Sport but offers more room and has a larger horsepower range (150-200). The extra length also helps to smooth the ride and increases running surface resulting in a faster-running rig that offers more payload and fishing room. The 21′ and 24′ Sport are the most popular among professional charter captains in all regions.



You Can Have It All

You can have it all with the 24′ Sport, easily one of the most popular models we offer. With the advantages of Shallow Sport’s quadrahedral double tunnel design, it’s the ultimate rough water, shallow draft fishing machine. It’s added length supplies the smoothest ride, the most stable fishing platform, and obviously the most interior room of the line. There’s storage galore, and the options list is a fisherman’s dream come true. You can have up to three large recirculating live wells on this rig and still run across the skinniest flat in your bay. It supplies a hole shot second to none, and the lightweight construction helps to keep it quick and fuel efficient. Our time-tested construction methods and in-house rigging ensures many years of enjoyment.