The Modified V line features a smooth running deep V hull that rolls gently into a tunnel at mid-ship and has reverse chines up front to eliminate any chance of spray. The one-of-a-kind hull design in the Modified V line allows for excellent rough water performance but still allows superb maneuvering in the shallow flats. The Modified V has higher sides and is the perfect cross over boat for your whole family to enjoy every part of the bay. The “Mod V” Shallow Sport will exceed your expectations in any body of water!


Smooth Running Deep V Hull

The 21′ Modified V hull will run almost as shallow as our other designs and is great for families and fisherman who are constantly running through rough open bays and desire an ultra-smooth and dry ride. The high gunwales offer security for your little ones, and the deep V bow entry cuts through bigger waves, while also providing a sharper turning radius. The 21’V will deliver you safely back to the dock in all weather conditions. The all-one-piece composite liner is self bailing. This is the perfect all around boat for your whole family to enjoy.



One Of A Kind Hull Design

The 24′ Mod V was created as the perfect inshore/offshore crossover boat. Its versatile design allows for an incredibly smooth ride in the bay, while also being able to cross the big water comfortably and fish offshore. The hull will run in as little as 6″ of water on plane and is capable of a 12″ hole shot, performance that blows away any comparable center console V hull. The 65-gallon fuel capacity and higher gunwales also allow the 24′ Mod V to be customized into an excellent vessel for trolling the rigs. This model is also a popular freshwater/saltwater crossover and is often used at the lakes for fishing and family fun.