Innovation in Boat Building

The foam-filled stringer system is one of the reasons why Shallow Sports, built since 1983, are still in use today. The beefy, over built stringer is glassed to the hull, then foam-filled for unsinkable flotation and unquestionable strength. The one-piece molded liner deck is then bonded to the Stringer & Hull, making a super rigid boat, built to last. If you should forget to put your plugs in at the ramp, rest assured that the foam is completely encapsulated in the glass stringer to keep the foam from soaking up water. The quadrahedral hull, designed by legendary boat builder Willis Hudson is engineered to put water to work under the boat instead of in your face. Most conventional V-hull boats displace water outward, resulting in deeper draft, less stability and flotation, and wet ride. The quadrahedral hull is a series of V’s on a more stable flat style hull. The V entries break up chop much better than a completely flat bottom hull and force water to the center and up into the tunnel where the water is fed to your outboard engine. The result is a comfortable riding, dry boat that will easily cruise in as little as 6” of water and can maneuver out of as little as 3” should you get lost in the back country. Shallow Sport revolutionized the shallow water boating industry with its tunnel boats in 1983. They perform in the skinny back country like no other boat on the market. The full length tunnel provides enough non-aerated water to the motor to keep it from overheating. Hydraulic lifts raise the prop and lower unit of the motor up into the tunnel allowing the boat to propel its way forward in as little as 3” of water. With the proper operation, Shallow Sport boats are also “sea grass safe” meaning you won’t be digging ditches everywhere you run like in a conventional non-tunnel skiff.

Construction & Materials

Shallow Sport Boats are built to take on even the harshest of environments. Our success is the result of continuous innovation, proven construction techniques, and the most superior materials our industry has available.

1. 100% Hand-Laid Glass
All Shallow Sports are 100% hand-laid E-Glass to ensure maximum strength and guaranteed quality. This includes the hull, the stringer system, the console, the top deck, and even the hatches. Hand laying and rolling out every square inch of every layer of glass ensures a consistent lay up schedule as well as eliminates thin spots. Shallow Sport boats always uses the best high strength stitch-bonded fiberglass fabrics available through Fiber Glass Industries.

2. Composite Reinforcement
All components are sandwiched with hand-laid fiberglass and reinforced with Polyumac and Coosa composites. Polyumac is a structural honeycomb shaped core made up of polypropulene copolomer. Coosa “The ultimate wood replacement”, is a very strong and light weight fiberglass infused 20lb. density foam board alternative to wood that will never rot.

3. Three Part Double Bonded Construction Method
Super high strength bonding putty engineered for marine bonding applications is used to connect 1. the hand-laid hull with 2. the foam filled fiberglass stringer system, and 3. the vacuum bagged Polyumac inner liner. We then double bond the deck with the hull by hand laying 45 degree bi-axle E-glass to form a permanent connection of all three major components. The three part double bonded construction method builds an extremely strong and light weight boat made to handle the toughest of conditions.

Commitment to Excellence

With over 58 years of experience in the fiberglass boat industry we possess a comprehensive knowledge of the market, and we take great pride in our reputation for excellent customer service and for having the highest resale value on the market. Many other boat builders have attempted to copy our design; however, what they lack is the quality, experience, and understanding that we have gained during our many years in the boat business. Shallow Sport Boats revolutionized the flats boat industry with its high tech quadrahedrel double tunnel design. Since 1983, our design has proven itself superior to other shallow running hulls and we are proud to see boats we built over twenty-five years ago still being used today. New innovations and updated designs every year keeps Shallow Sport a cut above the rest.

  • 10 Year Hull Warranty
  • Built with foam filled fiberglass stringers
  • 100% hand laid fiberglass to ensure strength
  • All fiberglass parts made in the USA by Shallow Sport
  • All models offer storage and abundant fishing space
  • Shallow Sport’s hold their resale value better than any other comparable brand
  • All hulls are self bailing and unsinkable
  • Rigging done at the factory to ensure quality
  • Customer service and safety is our number one goal