If you have never seen a boat “without sides”, the Classic line of boats by Shallow Sport may be a shock at first glance. This time tested hull with a flush deck mounted on top of the sides has exceeded all safety expectations since it’s inception over 35 years ago. It even surpassed all of the U.S. Coast Guard’s tip test studies and was deemed one of the most stable boats they have ever tested. With stability much like that of a floating dock, families will love the low gunwales for in the water activities and trips to the beach. If your goal is light weight, shallow draft, easy maintenance & large payload – look no further. Once you understand the capabilities of this boat, you won’t ever own another boat “with sides” again!


Second to None for Stability

Our most easily maneuverable boat, the 15′ Classic is a smaller, compact fishing machine for the serious fisherman. This is the perfect rig for 2-3 fisherman looking to run super shallow with less cargo. It is very lightweight, only 650 lbs, and is still a wide, stable and secure fishing platform. We recommend a 60-70 hp outboard on the back of this hull, and the boat is strong and stable enough to handle up to a 90 hp. This great running boat is built for extreme shallow water performance and can still handle rough, choppy waters.




 Gulf Coast Anglers Favorite

Known as the Texas Legend, the 18′ Classic is the boat that started it all! Nearly all of the originals built back in the 80’s are still fishing today. Now stronger and lighter than ever with our three piece bonded construction method, this beauty will stand the test of time. The latest updates include a standard recirculating live well and boxes on either side of the transom as well as updated diamond non-skid for a modern fit and finish. Add a raised console and you have the ultimate shallow water fishing machine.




Outstanding Platform for Fishing

The 20′ Classic is an amazing riding, lightweight, sporty hull that is a wade fisherman’s dream boat. The all-one-piece composite deck increases strength and reduces weight. Our molded deck and rear boxes give the boat a razor sharp look. The hull only weighs an amazing 850 pounds, making it easier to pole or run through the flats and back bays. This boat offers outstanding fishing performance for even the most experienced of angers. The 20′ Classic ¬†allows you to cruise “on plane” in shallow water at super low speeds so you won’t miss a fish. The popular raised console option allows you to add an extra live well and fish box.



The Work Horse of the Classic Line

The 24′ Classic is three and half feet longer than the 20′ Classic. The added length adds room for the standard extended raised console option featuring a large live well and fish box. More boat also allows for more horsepower with most of the rigs going out with 250 hp outboards. Rest assured you will get speed and comfort in addition to all of the other qualities that come standard on the Classic line. You will love that you can upgrade to the 24′ Classic and still fish all of your favorite spots in a larger rig. If you currently run the 18′ or 20′ you owe it to yourself to check out the 24′ Classic!